The new improved and fashionable iPhone 7 is the most stylish and highly designed phone in the market currently. The phone is a replica of the improved and most advanced technology. With its array of features it comes with, the phone is considered as the best innovation ever produced in the communication industry. The phone has an improved front and rear cameras which able to clearly capture even a moving object quite clearly. In delivers HD photos even in a dark environment. It has a faster processor, an extended battery life, and advanced memory storage. Moreover, you can read more to have a look of some essential accessories aimed making your experience with this phone even better.

MFI Pure Lightning Headphonesasdcas\dxc\ads

This headphone offers a comfortable over-the-hear feel with its spongy covering that makes one feelcomfortable and protect the ear. The headphones come with a lightning headset which is of much benefit in improving the audio quality of the headphones. The headphones also have an in-line remote ear cups to control the sound effects and delivers a high definition audio.

A clever Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

This is the best accessory for those people who travel a lot for business. It is currently the best business tool which is of great benefit as supplements carrying a bulky laptop all the time. It ensures you never miss a moment or a business deal as you are on the go. The clever portable keyboard can fold up and becomes convenient to carry around. With its lightweight, you can take it together with your iPhone 7 without any difficulty.

Iphone 7 Tamperproof Glass Screen Protector

Day to day life involves running up and down which could cause unprecedented accidents even to our gadgets. The glass screen protector will create an imminent protection to the screen of your phone and prevent it from any possible damage. The glass screen is also scratch resistant, and the phone remains new always.

assdv\szvddcasdThe Merge VR Headset

VR technology is on the rise, and Apple Company did not spare the opportunity. Designing of VR goggles was seen as a bold move to advance the already existing technology. The goggles are comfortable to wear and are tamper proof. They are compatible with a variety of virtual reality apps.

The Stealth Car Mount Holder

The car mount holder allows you to monitor your calls and text messages while you drive without causing any inconvenience. It holds the phone firmly, and you talk over the phone comfortably without the phone distracting your driving attention.