Public transportation comes in various forms – train, bus, taxi, flight, ship. Most people use it for long-haul trips, but sometimes you need to leave your car behind and catch a bus or train to work.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to leave your car or chopper behind:

Public transportation is cost-effective

sdsd67sd4433434There is a reason why the common man does not use a personal car to get around town. When you compare the amount of money spent to fuel your car with the fare you pay for a ride, the difference might shock you. The fact that many people are pooling their resources to pay for fuel makes it the most affordable way to commute. Even when planning for weekend getaways, you can always carpool with people within your network and save on fuel.

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Public transportation gives you opportunity to network

Modern life has become so busy that people are finding it hard to sit down and chat. Majority of people never get time to interact with others outside their home and office, but carpooling is the most convenient way to catch up with friends who live near you. You can also rideshare with people in your neighborhood and in the process make new friends.

In a public bus, train or plane, you can always choose to sit next to a random person and use that opportunity to know them and what they do. That is an effortless way of networking and making new friends.

Public transportation helps free up your time

dsjhsd76sd44Every time you are not driving, you are freeing up time to do something different. Life can only become busier as you advance in age or career, and so you always need to find new ways of freeing up your time. Ditching your car is one of them.

Majority of readers use commuting time to read their favorite book or catch up on the news, update their blogs or update their social media accounts, reply to emails, chat with friends or even watch videos from events they missed. These are some of the functions that you cannot perform while driving, but can successfully be executed inside a public vehicle without intrusions. In case you had a long day or short night, you can also use this time to get some rest. This is something you cannot do when driving yourself because you have to stay alert to avoid crashing.