Fine Dining Done Right

Fine Dining Done Right

We are all excited to experience fine dining. But with all the excitement we still get afraid of how we are going to behave. The experience may make you get confused about the number of knives and forks on the table, or what to do with the napkin. The rules that are there to fine dining can change from restaurants, but the following guides will serve the purpose.

Great tips

Knives and forks

lklkklklklkllklkUsing the knives and forks is one of the most common challenges many people face. On a well-set table, there is always a series of forks on your left and knives on your right, and they are of many shapes for every different course. The simple rule about this is that the knife or fork on the very last end on the list is for the first course and they follow in that order. Make sure to place the knife down after every mouth full and take small portions you don’t want to choke on your food. Don’t do what many people do first cut the food then eat, the fork and knife should be used at the same time.


A napkin is used for one thing but not for wiping your mouth, use the napkins for dabbing. Before you start eating, unfold the napkin and place it on your knees. If for some reason you have to leave the table put the napkin on your chair this indicates to the waitress that you will return. When you get back to the table, place the napkin back on your knees. When you finish the meal make sure to position the napkin on the table neatly but not inside your plate.

Wait for everyone

Don’t start eating before everyone is served. If the number of people on the dining table are many and it will take time before all are served the waitress will indicate to you that you can start eating this is allowed. If you take a mouthful of something you can’t swallow, excuse yourself and go to the washroom, don’t place it on the table for everyone to see because this is very disgusting.

Seating plan

jjjjhjhjhjjhhjAt most dining table there is a seating plan. Allow the hostess to direct you on where to sit you don’t want to get embarrassed when you are asked to move. Remember it’s not the host that governs the table but the hostess. When you are already located in your table, ensure that your feet are firmly placed on the floor. Most people love to cross their legs you should avoid this and don’t lean to the plate but bring the food to your mouth.…